I'm thinking of a project that will use a couple of shields for Arduino to make a mobile phone and I need some information on where I can get a cheap gprs shield and I do not want anything professional only for personal use. the case, is that all the shield I've seen so far are expensive from 70 to 90 euros and i had seen one in a shop in Madrid for about 20 euros but i thing that's not original and want to know which can get for 30 euros or less because I can not afford the budget to buy the original modules. besides this Shield also want to know how to connect a mobile screen to display information on the screen. as recently i disassembled one samsung and at the last moment the LCD broked and I almost get stained so I had to throw at the bin :slight_smile: :). I hope your help.

PS: after i named a shop of Madrid but i'm from Seville so if anyone who red this post know of a shop in Seville please tell me. Thanks Arduino Masters

Looks like you can order a SIM900 Shield from China for about 30 euros:

Hey John

The module i said in my post is this but it's horrible difficult to understand that description:

it's an spanish web but you can translate it with google

what do you think about that