GSM Library able to send concatenated sms?

is it possible to send concatenated sms with the GSM Library and the GSM Shield? In the Examples to send a sms is allways a sms.print(foo) where foo is 200 character limited char. So im a bit scary in buying this :wink:

edit: ah i forgot. i hate at commands... i cant even explain how much i hate them, so it would be awesome if the library can do this :smiley:


I have the same question for the same reason. Before I will buy the arduino gsm shield with the gsm library I would like to know if the gsm lib is able to hande concatenated sms (sms with more then 160 characters). I hope that there is someone out in the world who is able to answer this question.

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I stumbled across this while looking for specific code for sending multi-part SMS...

Simply speaking - the shield is just a GSM modem... so yes, it can handle multi-part messages.

BUT - you must structure your messages to conform with the headers and other requirements as defined in the GSM specs.