GSM MKR 1400 telegram chat bot Client GPRS

i have a problem with my mkr 1400 gsm. I will use this modul to send and receive telegram messages.
Therefore i use the following libs: UniversalTelegramBot.h, MKRGSM.h.

The problem is, that there are no problems, but i cant receive or send messages to my telegram bot.
And i can also ping, so the gprs works.
The most tutorials that i have found works with the ESP8266WiFi modul (universal-arduino-telegram-demo/implementation.ino at master · witnessmenow/universal-arduino-telegram-demo · GitHub).
But i will use the modul in the field to set up some ralais over telegram, therefore it is better to use a gsm modul.

I have checked my chatid and my token very often, there are right.

Or cant work the gsmclient/gsmsslclient with the universaltelegram bot?

here is my code:

#include <MKRGSM.h>
#include <UniversalTelegramBot.h>
#include <ArduinoJson.h>

#define relayPin1 6
#define relayPin2 7
#define BotToken "1756531022:AAFylkXd_tp0bjhqis395bXzQmnugYJDvJc"

const char apn[] = "";  //APN
const char apn_u[] = "";                     //APN-Username
const char apn_p[] = "";                     //APN-Password
const char pin[] = "7087";                   //APN-Pin
GSMSSLClient client;
GPRS gprs;
GSM gsmAccess;
String hostName = "";
int pingResult;

UniversalTelegramBot bot(BotToken,client);
long checkTelegramDueTime;
int checkTelegramDelay = 1000; //  1000 (1 second)
String defaultChatId = "850790486";

void setup() {
  pinMode(relayPin1, OUTPUT);// defind pin as output
  pinMode(relayPin2, OUTPUT);// defind pin as output

  Serial.begin(9600);// initialize serial monitor with 9600 baud.

  digitalWrite(relayPin1, LOW);//relai ist in diesem Zustand immer geschlossen für einen manuellen start
  digitalWrite(relayPin2, LOW);//relai ist in diesem zustand immer offen, damit das aggregat nicht gleich startet

  Serial.println("Starting Arduino GPRS ping.");

  // connection state

  bool connected = false;

   // After starting the modem with GSM.begin()

   // attach the shield to the GPRS network with the APN, login and password

  while (!connected) {

     if ((gsmAccess.begin(pin) == GSM_READY) && (gprs.attachGPRS(apn, apn_u, apn_p) == GPRS_READY)) {

      connected = true;

     } else {

      Serial.println("Not connected");

void loop() {

  long now = millis();
  if(now >= checkTelegramDueTime) {
    Serial.println("---- Checking Telegram -----");
    int numNewMessages = bot.getUpdates(bot.last_message_received + 1);
    while(numNewMessages) {
      Serial.println("Bot recieved a message");
      numNewMessages = bot.getUpdates(bot.last_message_received + 1);
    checkTelegramDueTime = now + checkTelegramDelay;
  now = millis();

void ping(){
  Serial.print("Pinging ");
  Serial.print(": ");
  pingResult =;
  if (pingResult >= 0) {
     Serial.print("SUCCESS! RTT = ");
     Serial.println(" ms");
   } else {
     Serial.print("FAILED! Error code: ");

void motor_start() {
  digitalWrite(relayPin1, LOW);//vorgluehen auf aus stellen
  digitalWrite(relayPin2, LOW);//anlasser auf aus stellen
  digitalWrite(relayPin1, HIGH);//vorgluehen starten (unterbricht kurz die Verbindung,damit der Vorgluehprozess gestartet werden kann)
  bot.sendMessage(defaultChatId, "Motor wird vorgeglueht");
  delay(10000);  //vorgluezeit
  digitalWrite(relayPin1, LOW);
  digitalWrite(relayPin2, HIGH);//anlasser starten
  bot.sendMessage(defaultChatId, "Motor wird gestartet");
  delay(10000);  //anlasszeit
  digitalWrite(relayPin2, LOW);//anlasser ausschalten
  bot.sendMessage(defaultChatId, "Motor laeuft");

void motor_aus() {
  digitalWrite(relayPin1, LOW);//unterbrechung motorsteuergerät
  digitalWrite(relayPin1, HIGH);
  digitalWrite(relayPin1, LOW);
  bot.sendMessage(defaultChatId, "Motor ist aus");

void handleNewMessages(int numNewMessages) {

  for (int i=0; i<numNewMessages; i++) {
    String chat_id = String(bot.messages[i].chat_id);
    String text = bot.messages[i].text;

    String from_name = bot.messages[i].from_name;
    if (from_name == "") from_name = "Guest";

    if (text == "/Motor_start") {
      bot.sendMessage(chat_id, "Motor wird gestartet...");

    if (text == "/Motor_aus") {
      bot.sendMessage(chat_id, "Motor wird abgeschaltet...");

    if (text == "/options") {
      String keyboardJson = "[[\"/Motor_start\", \"/Motor_aus\"]]";
      bot.sendMessageWithReplyKeyboard(chat_id, "Waehlen sie eine Aggregat Option:", "", keyboardJson, true);

    if (text == "/start" || text == "/help") {
      String welcome = "Wilkommen zur Aggregatsteuerung, " + from_name + ".\n";
      welcome += "Folgende Optionen sind verfügbar.\n\n";
      welcome += "/Motor_start: Der Motor wird nachdem vorgluehen gestartet\n";
      welcome += "/Motor_aus : Der Motor wird abgeschaltet\n";
      bot.sendMessage(chat_id, welcome, "Markdown");

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