GSM MOdem testing Basics

hi every one.

i have Arduino Uno with me and i've GSM and GPRS(SIM900) Modem with me.

My Objective: i want to test my GSM and GPRS Modem by running the test codes..

in the below link

under GSM library i found so many example code to work with the Shields, i want to test these codes. but to run these codes i have to include the GSM.h library. i tried to download this file by searching in goolge

this is the one of the link that i tried

and while i am running i am getting the following error message

GSM_IMEI_testing.cpp:9:1: error: ‘GSMModem’ does not name a type
GSM_IMEI_testing.cpp: In function ‘void setup()’:
GSM_IMEI_testing.cpp:19:4: error: ‘modem’ was not declared in this scope
GSM_IMEI_testing.cpp: In function ‘void loop()’:
GSM_IMEI_testing.cpp:28:8: error: ‘modem’ was not declared in this scope

i don't know why i am getting this..

-> in the arduino link that i posted above i am getting sample codes where can i get/download these libraries?? this is very basic question i know that but i am just a beginner, i don't know from where can i get it. i need some help for startup...

can anyone reading this post please help me out...

Thanks in advance...

Where have you installed the library files ? They should be in a folder with exactly the same name as the .h file in the libraries folder in the folder where your programs are saved.

hi thanks for the reply

i installed arduimo 1.0.5 1 hour ago i looked up in the program files/arduino/libraries i found the folder as GSM but the files in side this folder are just notpad files without any extension. what i have to do now do i need to save the files with extension .h or do i need to do anything else.???

Firstly the files are in the wrong place. Move the GSM folder to the libraries folder in the folder where you save your programs.

What are the names of the files in the GSM folder ? Are you sure that they don't have an extension or have you got the horrible Windows 'hide extensions for known file types' turned on ?

problem is solved they are in the wrong place.....

thank you ...