GSM module not working

Hello guys , I recently bought a GSM module with arduino mega in the arduino site. Today I opened it and was testing it . I fired up the sample code "testGPRS" found in the examples. But to my dismay , the code was not working. The code was staying at the line "Connecting GSM network...". It is not proceeding to the next line of the code .

So i tried the "testmodem" code. It returns " no modem answer". So now it got confirmed that there is some problem with the device only and not the code.

What are your guys' thoughts on it? It is the problem with the GSM module right ? Can i get a replacement ? Or is there something I can do or I have to do to make this unit work ?

Please help... =(

Do you have an activated sim card in it?

Hey guys, I recently bought a Mega and a GSM shield. I was testing it out by using the example codes in the IDE. When i try using the testGPRS sketch , the program seems to get stuck in the function 'gsmAccess.begin(PINNUMBER)' . It neither shows any error message nor moves to the next line. If i try commenting out that function, it goes to the next function gprsAccess.attachGPRS() and gets hanged there. I dont seem to know what the problem is. Please help me out guys!

Thanks in advance !!

Yes yes. The sim card is activated.

UPDATE : The board is now working. But the problem is that sometimes it fails to respond and sometimes it works. Can’t figure the problem why the board fails to work sometimes !