Gsm Module recommendations for USA

Could someone recomend a good GSM module that has good documentation,easy wiring and small form factor? And if you know which sim works best for the US that would be icing on the cake,thanks in advance! :smile: smile:

GSM is 2G, kinda last millenium (deployed in the early 90s)...
Did you mean at least GPRS (2.5G or 2G+ — appeared ~ 2000) or 3G?
or are you looking at 4G ?

Many cellular carriers are phasing out 2G and 3G (I think 2G and 3G will be phased out in the USA by the end of the year)

may be you can have a look at the Arduino MKR NB 1500 — Arduino Official Store

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I use GSM as a blanket term sorry but yes 4G and better :slight_smile: :grin:

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