GSM Module SIM hot swap

Hi there!

I'm planning to use multiple sim cards for the transmission of my data and instead of using multiple modules, i think of using sim hot swap technique. Has anyone here tried using the method?

What I plan to do is to use multiple sim card connectors and use a multiplexer to select which of the holders will connect to the GSM Module and will be used for transmission. I think its possible but I need some documents to prove that it really is possible, to convince my professor.

Can anyone send me links to projects who had done it? Any other better ideas will surely help. Thanks a lot!

Uhm, sorry.. I think I used the wrong term hot swap.. I intend to do the second thing that you mentioned - using the arduino. Will it be ok to do the said thing? Thanks a lot for the reply.

Thank you so much! =)

I hope your not doing anything that will let you pay less money to the wireless phones company, me and Richard Crowley are very concerned with their financial well being !

a friend of mine is using an asterisk box to call him back and give him a voip line because he has unlimited incoming calls, that way he can talk to his wife in france from his cell for 0.015$/minute instead of 1.25$/minute, what a miscreant ! taking the food out the CEO's kid's mouth !!! outrageous !

I have to respectfully disagree, but I think those vulnerabilities are first and foremost enabled by those who oppose their discussion in public !

we should not only know that the systems we trust are insecure but we should know how to break them ourselves so we know just how real this problem is, how unacceptable it is for it to continue and how urgent it is for it to be fixed

if you follow mythbusters, at some point Adam said they wanted to do an episode about RFID and T.I./Visa/etc.. opposed

they know it's nowhere near as secure as they are selling it to be, and if we don't put that out there, who will ?

and as for the original poster's question a device that can swap SIM card makes sense and isn't illegal, for example if you are billed differently based on the time of day and one carrier is cheaper than the other at the time of transmission it makes sense to switch to the path of lowest cost

there are even retail phones with this capabilites, although they are for multi-line use (for when you want to make local call outside you "zone")

Hi there again! I think I was misinterpreted. In the Philippines, we have the option to use post paid or prepaid mobiles. In prepaids, you consume only what you have paid. And the mobiles are not necessarily attached to a certain line or network. At such, it is allowed to swap sim cards, and there are no legal restrictions in doing so.

I intend to use sim swapping because our system will be deployed in a remote area and to ensure data transmission, three networks will be used, whichever has good signal quality.

Don't worry, I do not intend to use it to take advantage of telephone companies. ^^

Again, thanks a lot!

Happy to meet u. I'm final year Undergraduate and my final year project contain This Topic. I also Hope Do it Using Multiplexer. I had read your post and i need more Help Please Contact me. Thank you!