GSM Problem

So while messing with the board and not getting it to work i finally found out the problem. The SIM card was not able to send the messages I wanted it to send. I was using the SIM that came with the GSM board originally and then realized that it was completely different a bandwidth since it was from Italy. So therefore, I tried using a different SIM card. The SIM card is a pre-paid that came from AT&T. I tried with this and still nothing so after an hour and a half of talking on the phone with AT&T I was able to find out that the PUK code and not knowing the PINNUMBER (even though they said there was no PINNUMBER). Is there some provider that I can use in order to get this thing to work without having to deal with a PIN & PUK error? Or some way to bypass the codes on the SIM to get it to work? Anything would work at this point.


With a mobile phone, you can desactivate PIN code.