GSM Project

Hi all,

I am after ideas / guidance on a GSM project using an Arduino + attachments.

Project requirements are as follows:

The device must interact with GSM users via SMS.
The SMS service must be always available.
Data from SMS is required to be extracted and input into a database.
The database will store registered users.
Interaction with the device can only be made via registered users.
The database must be accessible via some sort of web server or other means.
The device must be capable of replying to the user with confirmation of the booking or failure.

This project will kind of be like a desk booking system where you can text and request a table for a set period of time or book the table indefinitely until you text the number to say you are finished.

I am pretty sure this would be achievable with an arudino + GSM attachment but I require some sort of expertise to point me in the right direction.

I am not after any 'how to' info but information regarding capable hardware to achieve this project?

So could i achieve this with an Arduino with attachments or would i require additional hardware such as rasp pi? If so are there any decent similar projects?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

So could i achieve this with an Arduino with attachments

An Arduino and a GSM shield, suitable for your part of the world/cell carrier, would be sufficient. The program is not trivial, but not impossible. I'd get all the client and server stuff working using two PCs before attempting to access the server from the Arduino/GSM client.