GSM Shield bluetooth speaker

I want to make a speaker with and arduino UNO and a GSM shield vía bluetooth, I already detect the call and ask it, thats done, but when I connect the audio output jack from the GSM shield to a simple speaker it sounds to slow, and when I connect via bluetooth is the same thing to slow, I want to make it sound louder beacause that is the reason of a speker, any one has some problem with the audio jack?

If the audio is too slow, ask the person in the other end to speak faster.

Joke aside, you probably meant low. To get louder sound, you need an amplifier that can drive your speaker better.

You are asking if other people are having problems with "the audio jack" - on which GSM-shield? There are dozens on the market, please provide a link to the one in question if we are going to have any chance of helping you.

// Per.

sorry is "low" not "slow" and yes when I speak the receiver almost do not sound its imperceptible, I made an audio amplifier

it works good when i connecto to my computer, but when i connect to the GSM just do not works

this is the gsm shield: GSM SHIELD