GSM shield connectivity

I am using the Arduino official GSM shield and Arduino UNO. When I run the testModem program I got something like this:

Starting modem test...ERROR, no modem answer.
Checking IMEI...Modem's IMEI: 0
Resetting modem...Modem is functoning properly

Please help

I suspect wiring problems - is anything else connected?

Typically, when you get 0s back from an SPI device, the device isn't responding (because it's just leaving the line low, so it looks the same as a bunch of zeros).


I just directly plugged the GSM shield onto my Arduino UNO, how does the connection problem come along?

However, I recall that we did solder a wire to the GSM shield to test the current, but it seemed that we have restored everything to its original shape. Does it matter tho?


Depends what you did to it?

To measure the current, though, wouldn't you have to have cut a trace and put a resistor in it's place?

Honestly, I dont think I have made any modifications though
Is it possible I burn the board?

What SIM card (company) did you end up going with?

I am in the States (USA).. and when I went to a local AT&T store and asked about getting a 2G card for a GSM device.

He had no clue what I was talking about!

Said 'they dont make 2G SIM cards anymore'...etc

He asked what I could possibly even need it for.. I replied NOT for a phone, but for GSM device to send texts..etc.

He kept repeating: "But what do you need it for"..

(after I sighed).. I replied its for an Arduino based project which is an embedded micro controller that will be used in my home automation projects.

His eyes just glassed over, but he still maintained "those are not made anymore.... anywhere"..


Curious as to what you are using.


Well I am in Canada and I am using pre-paid SIM card from Rogers.

The plan is pretty simple: unlimited text and nothing else. It costs $15 for a month.