GSM shield does not initiate the call

Hi Guys!

Please see below my code that is a complied (no errors by the Arduino's check) sketch. And the calling is not happening. The "dialing" is popped up in the Serial monitor so I assume that the call should be initiated but nothing happens on the called phone...

Is this a software issue or some kind of a hardware issue? A few days ago I had to change the voltage regulator on my Arduino module as that was not turned on from a wall plugged power supply. Now it is working well but the call is not starting.

Please do you have any idea what is wrong? Thank you in advance. Laszlo

Please do you have any idea what is wrong?

You told the modem to do something. It returned, eventually, a reply, telling you what it thought of the command you sent it. Why are you not bothering to read the reply?

Probably won't read this, either...

Sorry but I dont have any idea what you meant. Btw I solved the problem with setting the baud rate to 9600. Now it works correctly with the same code I shared.