GSM SHield Help

I am a mentor at young rewired state and one of my students is trying to get a GSM shield working

his code i located here

he is trying to send a sms to the number (blanked out for obvious reasons) but it doesnt appear to be working, can anyone help?

FYI it is a Sparkfun SM5100B-D shield we have tested the SIM in a phone and it works fine

You don't seem to care for the output the GSM module is returning. Try to install a pipe-through sketch, so you can send the commands interactively to the module.

Have you seen this application note?

I think you already solved the problem...but if not.. The problem is with line 45. You should remove it.

44: cell.write((byte)26); //ASCII equivalent of Ctrl-Z, tell the gsm module we finished the message transmission 45:cell.println();