GSM Shield Power On

I have a e-gizmo Sim900D GSM shield from the philippines which is based on v1.2 of the module. Is it possible to turn on the GSM shield without pressing the power button each time the arduino resets/power on?

GSM shield 400.png

A link to the product would be of more use than a photo of it. I can't see where the traces run from that.

Sorry for the late response. Here's the link sir. On the Left side of the page is the pdf containing the manual.

GSM Shield Link

Well... according to the schematic there is, but that's the only place it's mentioned!

Between the power button and the header is a small pad - two half circles? Screen printed 'PWRON'? That needs to be bridged. Also you need to establish where the pad nearest the header leads to. It looks like it could be A5 (D19)?

A note of caution - the base of the transistor Q3 doesn't appear to have a resistor in it. If you can you might want to bridge the solder pads with a 1K resistor rather than you a blob of solder!

Then, all being well put

  pinMode(19, OUTPUT); 

in setup().

Running the same code a second time will turn it off!