gsm shield problem


I bought a Arduino UNO and a GSM shield developed with Telefonica whith a Quectel M10 and i am failing to solve my problems. I would like to be able to send and receive sms. The shield comes with a phone card from bluevia (M2M), which activates online (I did that, and purchase credits), but when it came to the test .... error. Dosen`t send nor receive anything. I tried to follow the steps in the tutorials, everywhere, but still can not do anything. I tried with another SIM from my phone network provider but, in this case, my shield turns off the status led on the board, which means that the SIM card is not connecting. My request is: can enyoane give me step-by-step what I need to do to make it work? meaning tend to think I would have to do some settings? .. something to add some libraries?? Honestly i am confused by so many tutorials I do not know where and how to follow it anymore ... (. I wood like to make it work with the SIM from my provider, it is more ceaper :)

From the examples in arduino software does not work for me either one. i am doing something wrong somewhere.

Thanks in advance

I was reading the Arduino GSM Shield documentation (

You cannot use the included SIM to place or receive voice calls.

You can only place and receive SMS with other SIMs on the Bluevia network.

It’s not possible to create a server that accepts incoming requests from the public internet. However, the Bluevia SIM will accept incoming requests from other SIM cards on the Bluevia network.

Did you get it working? I have a similar problem.