GSM Shield requirements

I'm trying to make sure the GSM Shield will work with my cell network in Israel (Cellcom) before I buy it. The network is 3G. What should I be looking for exactly to check?


You have to figure out the frequency that your cellphone company works with. For example there is this module (Ive worked with, and if you digg a bit around GSM post on this forum ive shown it quite a bit :P sorry about that)

and works on frequencies EGSM 900MHz/DCS 1800MHz and GSM850 MHz/PCS 1900MHz. You should google a bit about you company (Cellcom) and if they work with any of those frequencies, wich is very likely, you shouldn't have any problems.

SO, all you have to know is the GSM shield' and your cellphone company' working frequencies

I'm not sure about which GSM Shield you're talking, but if it's based on SIM900 I'm quite sure it will work on the Cellcom network. I'm from Israel too, and I'm using such a GSM Shield on the Orange network with no problem what so ever. Cellcom has a 2G network too (GSM/GPRS) and their frequencies are covered by the SIM900 chip, so I'm quite sure it will work. You can read about my project and GSM shields research at this URL:

I'll be glad to hear what you've decided, and how it turned out in the end.