GSM SHIELD SIM900 and the ch340 chip?


I`m having a question about the use of GSM shield sim900 in combination with a arduino clone with the ch340 chip.

last easter i got the “Arduino Present” containing quite a bit of boards and shields. At first played around with an nano clone and later on with an Mega 2560. So far so good.
Until i wanted to play around with a gsm shield. I tried everything, following tutorials with exact the same boards and tried any tip i could find here on the forum. Eventually i ended up with a usb to ttl converter with FT232 chip.

With the usb to ttl converter i can get everything done from the gsm shield with At commands, making calls, receiving them, and for sms the same.

But a soon as i hook it up to one of my arduino boards, nothing happened. Not even a ok response on the AT command. First tried hardware serial, then software serial, tied grounds between the boards. Baud Rates are in sync. Actually i`m quite sure everything is hooked up the way it should. but still no succes.

after some hours google i found some info about firmware updating the sim900 module and that this cannot be done with a arduino clone with the ch340 chip.

so no i`m wondering if the ch340 chip is my hole problem, that it just not capable of communicating with sim900 shield.

is there any one, who came across this before? or know a solution?

any help is appreciated! greetings!

PS: if more info is needed just ask! and sure i can post some pictures if needed

i too am unable to connect these clones to the simA6 module. Have you got it to working yet? or.. have you ditched the 340g Arduinos?