GSM SHIELD SIM900 AT Command returns like \0xfe\0xf8\0x86


as I say problems are with SIMCOM SIM900 connected on Raspberry Pi 3.

Well, this SIM900 works good with ARDUINO UNO and RPI3 before. Using CuteCom everything are normal, send command and receive answers. After one UNO setup, I was tray SIM900 with MEGA but problems started from this point. SIM900 returns characters like in subject.
Ok, I put MEGA away and connect SIM900 on RPI3. Turn on CuteCom and see again this answer: \0xfe\0xf8\0x86 after AT command.

Please, help me to understood what is problem and how to solved this.

No answer but I solved this.

Connect directly GSM Shield on FTDI and try some baudrate untill I find baud rate with normal answer and that's it.
Finally shield on AT command answer normaly OK and now work normaly with Raspberry Pi.
Case closed :slight_smile: