GSM Shield sms Data Frame

Hi everyone !

I have some question concerning my high school project ,i'm a french student so please , be forgiving to my English ...

In m'y project , i use a GSM Shield plugged on the usart (tx) pin of an Arduino uno card , to send a data frame like this ("@,pressure_mesure,Temperature_mesure,vibration_mesure*") to a smartphone . I receive the data frame by the (rx) usart of the card and i don't know how to transmit them with the arduino base program to send a sms with a GSM Shield .

I Hope that i have well explained my probleme in english ^^

Thanks !!

There are many examples to send an SMS with Arduino.

Your only work is to arrange the message in the format required by the assignment.

If you’re not expected to use SMS, then you need to provide a lot more background information, but we’ll help - however we’re unlikely to do your complete assignment for you!