GSM SM5100B Card burned?

I bought the SM5100B and eval board. And right now. I run into big issues. I use the USB to control the module as expected using TCP/IP to ETL data. Then I removed the solder on the eval board and try to control the GSM using Arduino. But, I can’t make it work and I connected the jumpers again and try to repeat my success again but…it doesn’t work any more. Every time I started my module, it told me +SIND: 1 +SIND: 10,“SM”,1,“FD”,1,“LD”,1,“MC”,1,“RC”,1,“ME”,1 +SIND: 3 +SIND: 4 +SIND: 7 (It should be +SIND: 11) which indicates that not connected to the network. If connected, it should tell me +SIND: 11, what is worse, I unplug the card and put back to my iphone(I just place the miniSIM carefully at the large socket, will that be a reason to burn the sim card?), and it doesn’t work anymore! I even can’t use my SIM card anymore, do you guys think I burned the card or just it is just a matter of configuration? Appreciate any help.