GSM Sugestions for Project

I’m looking to build some projects that uses an Arduino and a cellular service to report some simple data once a day like the temperature. I found this Arduino Shield on BangGood for pretty cheap (~$10) but it's 2G and I read that 2G service will be ending in 2022. Can anyone suggest a good GSM module to use? I've looked online but would appreciate some input.

Here is a 3G board.. Not much help, the few projects i worked on in the past were all 2G and havent worked on anything new since..

Sadly, welcome to evolution.

For a board to work in 5 years, it would have to support 3G at least.
In some countries, 3G will be gone as well.
(Australia is starting to phase out 3G in another 2-3 years…!)

I shifted across to 4G modems last year for my products.

There are other benefits.

The current 4G modems are only a little more expensive, and are a lot faster on all metrics,

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Thanks for sharing your experience. I only need to transmit a tiny amount of data once a day but will definitely go with 4G. What modules do you like to use and do you pay for data only SIM card or just send everything to an email?

I choose the cheapest SIM plan for the. requirements, only you can don that with the available carriers in your area.

You may get luck on a basic plan if you’re using data… because they often charge very little based on low data = low charge.

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