GSM Weather station.

Hello.. :slight_smile:

I've startet a Weather Station project and have faced some problems i need help with.

the plan is to use an Ardunio Uno or Nano with an GSM Sheild to upload Wind Direction and Wind Speed data to my Database (mySQL) ,, and maybe batteryvoltage

I allready have a functioning website/server with php/mySQL.

Here is the list of components i have:

"Arduino" UNO and Nano
GSM Sheild Manual: (SIM900 Quad-Band GPRS shield)
DS3231 real-time clock module.
davis 6410, wind speed and direction sensor. link

And if i get it to work here in the office i will buy the remaining components to complete the project (Solarpanel, battery etc.)

i have gotten the clock module to work and show readings on the computer.

i have gotten the weather station to work and show readings on the computer.

and i have gotten the gsm sheild to work with sending and reciving sms's.

but i'm having a hard time making everything to work together.

i have no idea how to send updates to mySQL with the GSM sheild.

I want the arduino to send updates to my database every 15min.
and i want it to start 08AM and stop 08PM.. (or something like that)
if possible put it in "sleep" mode between updates to save batterypower.

i want to be able to edit settings with textmessages.

  1. edit when the arudino to start and stop logging (08, 09, 10am/pm ......)

  2. edit how often the intervals between each update is (5min, 10min, 15min ..and so on..)

  3. and i want to be able to send and sms to make the arudino send updates every 10 seconds for 2min (f.eks) ("burst" mode)

I'm kind of new to arduino, so only know the basics. #noob ::slight_smile:

Could be willing to pay, if someone could help me getting this to work.

Right, quite a lot to cover...

Sleep. Nick Gammon has an excellent write up on power saving using sleep. The Arduino is woken on an interrupt from a DS3231 alarm. That then turns on the SIM900.

Upload the data to the database by passing parameters in the url. I use a php script to extract the values and write them to the database.

To pass the parameters that way you need to use a sequence of commands starting with 'AT+SAPBR', which I'll let you research.

Build the char array using sprintf.

I think there's enough of an outline there to get your data into the database. If you want to be able to reconfigure the setup by text you need to think the sequence of events. The SIM900 cannot receive SMS when it's not powered up. Do you check for new instructions when you do the data upload?


I just started a very similar project. Did you succeed?
Or has anybody else links, tips or codes for a working GSM weather station?