GSM/Wifi livestock sensor data retrieving

Good evening everyone,

my name is Gonzalo, I´m a mechanical engineer and I come here looking for answers to a couple of questions.

What Im needing is a system that can read RFID tags, store data from when that tag has been read, and then send via GSM/Wifi all the aqcuired data to a server in the cloud.

Another need for the project are.

  • Low battery consumption. It will be running on batteries, and battery replacement will not be an easy task.
  • I guess it might not have GSM signal sometimes, so all of the data should be stored for later sending when GSM signal is up again.
  • Data sent should not be doubled. After data is uploaded in the server it should be allowed to be erased from the transmitter. This in order to not let any of the data be lost.

The question is, how would you face this? Using an esp mcu and sim800l? As this should have power saving features the system should be woken up whenever a read has to be taken.

Since I also do not know how to code I´ll be passing all this info to someone that actually can. Idk, maybe even make it a collaborative project. Where can this be done?



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Idk, maybe even make it a collaborative project. Where can this be done?

The 'Gigs ands Collaboration' Forum perhaps;

Ok, might give it a go there if nothing starts up here.

So you are essentially wanting to do a homemade version of something like this?

Yes and no.

What we want is more like this

So it can report the state of the animal.

So it can report the state of the animal.

I doubt the forum understands what exactly you mean by the 'state of the animal'

Are you able to tell us ?

Sorry for the delay, I spent the weekend at the world rally championship in the mountains.

Yes, by state of the animal I reffer to the physical activity.
You can attach different sensors to this device and it must report the status of the different sensors, or the log of the activity of the sensors.

Does not sound like an RFID tag system.

It is not “just” and RFID system.
Cows are identified by this module we want to build. This module will tag the cows it senses with the data gathered by the cow that has the belt. When that happens it sends tha data to a server, or base station, or whatever.

BTW: The system you are building, is it for commertial use? I ask because I have a system with HRV and activity for horses at hand.

Yes we are developing it. Already have the electronics working so i need to set the harness and stuff things inside it.

Difference between commercial collars that measure activity and rumination, is that this one senses only heat. But can be made way cheaper for a herd.

The thing is that here in Argentina most activity collars are too expensive to use. Only medium to large farms with more than 500 animals can acquire only some of them.

May I ask you some more questions on the project? I rember a customer in Argentia (just ~ 60 miles from Buenos Aires) who tried to track his horses (position+9dof+GSM), which failed the feldtest miserably: turned out that gsm in Argentina existed, but nowhere near farming area. WiFi was almost as enlightening, it was only present near stables (where it was not verry useful for tracking animals). Did the situation improve over the last 2 years?
Might be a stupid question, but what do you do track heat (and I assume position) for?

Well we do not need to track position. We are planning to apply this on cows. The truth is that in the field GSM coverage is still not completely achieved.

Of course every single town and city has signal, but towns are mainly scattered and coverage does not reach many places in the field.

I don´t think the situation improved over the last 2 years.