GSM with ultrasonic sensor alarm system

I have a gsm sim 900 a not a shield with ultrasonic sensor I wrote some codes but did not work with me if any body can send me a code for that it will be helpful and nice
I want a code that the sensor sense from a curtain distance and the gsm send a massage to a number and :slight_smile: sound form buzzer when the object in front of the sensor.

Hi johansmodi,

This is a pretty ambitious project to try all at once.

I suggest you break the project into multiple sub-projects then combine them together once they are working:

Write simple sketches to:

  • read the sensor and print the values to make sure it works.
  • Write sketch to send data to your GSM link
  • Write sketch to read the received data from the receiving GSM
  • write sketch to sound a buzzer when a specific code is received.

I'm not a GSM expert, so I can't help with scripts 2 and 3