GSM900 AT command not responding

Ive been trying all sorts of codes and versions on how to do this but the all consist of connecting everything like its supposed to go and the module is supposed to respond automatically. I connected the pins 7 and 8 to work as RX and TX. connected the 5v from the Arduino Uno towards the GSM plus a 9v battery. The sim card is activated because even calling the module works because of the built in led should turn off when calling and it does that. but when making the call and/or interacting with the serial monitor with the AT commands it fails to interact with it or just fails to do anything.

You have some code that you didn't post. It does something you didn't describe. You have some hardware that you didn't provide link to, connected in some only vaguely defined fashion. You have a totally inadequate power supply.

Despite everything missing from your post, you still expect us to be able to help you. Doesn't seem likely.

OK…here is the code that im using to just verify the AT command interaction with the gsm and also I’ve posted how its connected. I also have 2x9v batteries connected directly to the gsm. I dont understand why its unreliable or inadequate power supply.

Screenshot 2019-05-07 11.22.53.png

I dont understand why its unreliable or inadequate power supply.

Because the GSM draws more current than a smoke detector, where those batteries belong.

Your diagram doesn't show any 9V batteries. Your picture of your code (do NOT do that again) shows that you are using Serial, but your diagram doesn't show a USB cable.

Im sorry it wasnt posted in the diagram but the USB im using is the one that connects to the Arduino Uno. Most if not all codes iv seen for the gsm900 use the SoftwareSerial so i assumed its the most common and easiest way of using it.
How would you suggest i power the gsm? i know it has a high current consumption rate but at the same time im looking to power it with something other than power from a socket.
I apologize if i came off the wrong way but i need suggestions as to how to resolve my problems with this module. If you need more information just let me know.

If you need more information just let me know.

Of course not. It doesn't matter in the slightest how the batteries are connected to the GSM900.

It doesn't matter in the slightest what your code actually looks like AS TEXT.

Oh, wait. Maybe it does.

Is the power pass through actually working for you? I mean that you can connect power to either the GSM900 or the ardurino?

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