GSR and Triggering Sounds

Dear members,

First I need to say that I'm a complete noob when it comes to Arduino. But I'm interested in using some of the possibilities that Arduino offers for my school project.

My wish is to trigger sounds by measuring different galvanic skin response values. I've made a palette of sounds that resemble emotions that I would like to trigger on certain measured values. My idea is to make this into a kind of glove shape so that it becomes wearable. I would love to make two devices so that two people can interact with each other. It would be great if the devices can trigger different sounds when the two persons are getting closer to each other. The sound will be played from a speaker in the glove.

Now I was told in an Arduino selling shop that starter packs would give me a lot of unnecessary parts. I already have two Seeed GSR sensors.

My question is: what other parts do I need for this quest? And what would be a good way to connect these parts?

Thank you so much for listening and sharing your expertise