GT-511C3 Fingerprint Sensor Causing Issues

Bear with me I'm a bit new at this.

I'm trying to determine if I have a faulty FPS.

Basic Overview I have a Arduino Uno, LMB162ABC LCD, a GT-511C3 Fingerprint Sensor. Also a ES-08A servo run by separate power.

Whenever I have power going to the fingerprint sensor I get flickering in the LCD backlight, and the servo gets a random jitter to it. If I power the FPS with a 3.3 V pin on the arduino (it specifies 3.3-6) its back light flickers as well, if I move it to a 5 volt pin that flicker in the fps goes away.

I've tried powering the Arduino from USB and then 9V battery pack both produce the same results. I've disconnected the TX/RX wires on the FPS with no change, thinking maybe the resistors in the voltage divider on the RX were causing making noise.

Is it possible a ferrite core on the FPS cable could help? The devices all funciton, and though annoying I could live with the flicker I suppose but the servo jitter while just sitting there is a problem.

How much power does the device need? The tech specs here say the 3.3V pin can only deliver 50mA.

That would explain the flicker in the FPS LED on the 3.3v then. Datasheet just says <130ma. Though the jitter problem persists even powering it with 5 volts, and removing power from the LCD.

Good question though, I’ll have to rig up something to check how much it is actually using.