GT2560 v3.0 Board 5V transformation doesn't work

Hello guys,

so I have this Geeetech Board GT2560 v3.0. I've already ordered a new board but I like to try to repair it. The board gets 24Volts and all parts with 24volts like the fan and controll LEDs are working. But all 5volt funktions don't work so there must be a brokne part in the 24 to 5volt transformation. I don't have that much knowledge to find it out by myself. Maybe there is someone having a idea, witch parts can cause the error or where I have to mesure thinks with the multimeter.
Sorry for the smattering but I'm not into electronics that much.

Thank you all

Did you check the 5V regulator (IC2)? If it is bad, what caused it to fail? I would try to find out before replacing, if possible, anyway, buy a few spares.

Thanks for the reply.

I've tried some tests and I think IC2 is okay.
But is there a possibility that U2 (m2303adn) is causing the problem?