GUI choices

hey, eventually i want to be able to control 'things, machines, microcontrollers' with inputs from touch screens. im new to this embedded stuff so not sure which direction to take.

ive breifly touched base with processing (java). just come across 'QT'. i would rather stick with something that uses C++, like arduino.

Im sure this will open up a bag of worms.

Any suggestions.

Does this touch screen is like a tablet? How about a bluetooth communication with Arduino from the tablet?

Your question is not really appropriate for this Forum. The things you have mentioned work on a PC and not on an Arduino.

With any of those systems you should be able to build a GUI and exchange data with an Arduino over a serial (USB) connection.

The Arduino won't know or care what language you use on your PC so use whatever is most productive for you.

Personally I like using Python on my PC and I build my GUIs as simple web server programs using Bottle


cheers Robyn,

i was thinking more along the lines of a 7" display attached directly to a driver sheild and arduino running the GUI that has been uploaded to it.

All mounted on a product, with no direct PC involvement other than designing the GUI.

There is very little memory in an Arduino to support the data needed for a GUI and also it is very very slow compared to a PC.

You may find this AWind Thread interesting - I have not tried it myself.


correction Robin !Robyn