GUI help


I am doing a project called Intelligent Street Light Monitoring. A part of my project includes communicating the status of each light to the control station using Zigbee. On the receiver side I need to develop a GUI that offers controls to turn the lights ON/OFF. Pls note that when the control is given the msg has to be communicated again from the station to the lights.

I don't have a clear idea about how to do this.

Kindly help me with this.

Buy a few Arduino boards and Zigbee boards, and try to communicate with them. You have to start somewhere, and the idea about a GUI will evolve while you are working on the project.
If it is working, create a few fake streetlights, that will probably be easier than using the actual street lights.

Will the main control with the GUI be on an Arduino with display ? or with a smartphone ?

If your gui is on a computer or laptop it might be worth looking at "processing" which is a program really similar to the arduino software in terms of looks but it lets you set up gui's on your laptop, have a look on youtube at some of the arduino-processing tutorials and see what you think.