GUI Software to make LED patterns & Animations

Hey guys,

So i am really new to Arduino and have managed to get some LEDs to light up and some basic animations using other peoples codes.

I am really into building custom head & tail lights for cars but want to use an Arduino to make some cool animations, I don't have the knowledge to program very advanced animations which are controlled by pin inputs & activated when inputs are used.

The wiring aspects is not an issue but I am wondering if thjere is any software out there, for Windows or Android or anything else that would helpo me create an animation and then churn out an Arduino compatible code for WS2812b, SK2812 or similar programable LEDS.

I have searched google and the closest I could find was "LEDEDIT" but this really didnt work for me as it couldnt set Pin inputs & doesnt work with arduino.

Thank you very much

Still searching guys

Cant you use a animation program, save each frame as a image and then use some sort of image to code converter.