Guidance for a multiple remote temperature Arduino Project for Newbie

I have a friend who owns 2 physical Ice cream locations. One location has a blast freezer, a walk in freezer and 6 dispensing coolers (where employees actually scoop ice cream from tubs).

So location #1, 8 temperature sensors.

The other location has a walk-in freezer and 4 dispensing coolers = 5 temperature sensors.

What we talked about is getting the temperature data sent directly to his smart phone where he can log temperatures, display temperatures and set alerts to call him (or text depending on time of day) should a freezer fail.

Anyone have any good insights as to how to start setting up this project or point to something which has already been done (or pieces of it)


Sounds like you might need some of the following pieces of equipment:

WiFi Module
Temp Sensor
GSM Module
Power Supply