guidance for the project

i m beginner in the field of arduino plz help me
the attachment is a code for receiver plz guide me that
i want to add the signal(5v)at a defined pin which makes ledActive high as well. mean ledActive will be high either it receive a signal by tx or 5 V at any defined pin code is attached

rf_rx_final.ino (874 Bytes)

It looks like in your current code:
‘ledPassive’ is set to HIGH and ‘ledActive’ is set to LOW at the beginning of each time through loop().

If you receive a message that starts with ‘X’ it sets ‘ledPassive’ is set to LOW and then a for-loop sets ‘ledActive’ to HIGH and waits 700 milliseconds ten times (for a total of 7000 milliseconds of delay).

If you receive a message that DOESN’T start with ‘X’ ledPassive is set to HIGH, even though it was set to HIGH at the start of loop().

So the total effect is: a message that starts with ‘X’ will turn ledPassive off and ledActive on for 7 seconds. What is it you want the sketch to do?