guidance in making wireless servo tilt /pan system

Hi, my name is javin and i am from india .....i recently brought arduino uno an wondering of making a two servo system (tilt and pan) and wanted to control it with joystick via bluetooth module hc-05 using arduino kindly help in the schemetics and programming......any help would be appreciated.....

From your description I wonder if you need 2 Arduinos - one connected to the joystick and transmitting with bluetooth and the other receiving bluetooth and making the servos move?

Do you really need bluetooth?


A simple R/C rig would give better range, and wouldn't require as much debugging.
Cheaper too.

I have 2 arduino ......but what AVOL told is also correct ....please help me as i am new to this can please tell something in details please like schematics and codes etc......thanks....

Yes btw i need bluetooth.... :slight_smile:

Seems like you have decided to reject @awol's advice.

What experience have you of programming? Your questions suggest that this is your first project and I suggest you first get some experience with the many example programs that come with the Arduino IDE.

Then think how you would break down this project into several smaller pieces - reading a joystick, sending and receiving serial data, controlling servos etc. I would leave the bluetooth stuff to the end because it will be harder to debug without experience.

People here will be happy to provide advice but nobody is going to take time to do the whole design for you. Most people give about 5 minutes or less to answering each enquiry.


I have 2 arduino

Do you also have the joystick and two servos?

Just to make your life easy, you should NOT start with two arduinos. Start with one arduino with the following flow:


If you can get this to work, it is trivial to read joystick on the second arduino and use serial port to send its value to the first arduino, the one with the servos. You figure out how to receive a reading, and your program structure stays the same. Then you can further sever the serial port wires and replace with bluetooth.

Don't start with two arduinos both with bluetooth and get frustrated and then dump a whole bunch of code on this forum. Nobody will read that.

Thanq everyone....for the advices i will look any other alternate probably what @awol said.....thanks all of you guys again.... :smiley: