Guidance Needed: Home Theatre Using Arduino

Hi Guys,

I am going to create a home theatre system with Arduino. The speakers, remote and projections - everything will be developed and controlled through Arduino.

The projet breaks down to following things

TV Control
Mobile Control

If any of you have experience in doing this before or would like to join me in this endeavor, either reply here or mail me at

What's the Arduino to do? Remote control of the AV receiver everything plugs into?

I am planning to build the speaker and projector using Arduino. Of course, not just arduino but a lot of other small electronic components. Does that sound like a plan?

Does that sound like a plan?

It sounds like a WIBNI

Speaker & amp - what will Arduino do? It’s not capable of producing theater quality sound; only 1 channel at 44.1KHz to an external DAC reading from an SD card, and that won’t leave it processing time for doing much more. I have a digital drum in the works, that part of the software is done - it’s out of legs to do more other then be interrupted for the next drum strike.
Video out to a projector - forget about it. Maybe some text overlay on your HD picture from Blue Ray player.

It could maybe coordinate other pieces, with the right collection of interface control.
So basically just a remote control interface.

Thank you for your guidance. If I were to make e very basic speaker with the arduino board, that simply says out some sentences stored at a memory location that arduino can access, would that be plausible?

Also, I have a chipKIT board as a wifi shield for arduino. I am planning to bring the Smart TV, Bluetooth speaker, and mobile under one hood controlled by the Arduino. Can you throw some light ?

Speaker (& amp) + arduino + MP3 shield +sentences on SD card, that’s doable.

Other part - too little info. Arduino can certainly control some kind of switch box to route the AV signals from one of many inputs to an output.
Can be relays, can be electronic.

Speakers don't normally have a microprocessor/microcontroller. Have you ever built a speaker system? Have you ever built an amplifier?

A home theater receiver typically does have a microprocessor, but it also has some special DSP (digital signal processing) chips.

A projector might have microprocessor but it's also got some very specialized video circuitry as well as opto-electronics (depending the technology you choose).

It's completely impractical to build your own receiver or projector. If you were an expert in electronics it would probably take you a year, it would most-likely cost more than buying ready-built products, and more like 10 times a much to make something that looks as good as what you can buy in a store.

You can build your own speakers and amplifiers, or amplified speakers. has neat parts for speaker/amp/cabinet/connector projects. Check out holiday sales too.

With the addition of a simple refrigerator, it could also keep your beer cool.