Guidance needed on ambient temperature sensitive lamp

Hi everyone!

I am working on a project where I am designing a lamp with strips of LED using arduino which responds to ambient temperature. I am an absolute beginner and I have no idea where to start and how to go about this!! Would there be any pre written codes or any tutorials that you would know or be able to link me to? I have done a bit of research and I'm still yet to find anything that is specific to what I am doing despite it being a seemingly common project.

Thanks you so much for your help and I appreciate it a lot!!

How many LEDs will you be using? What range of temperatures and with what resolution? For egzample - do you want 1 Led for one degree? Does it have to be arduino? You can do it by using LM3914 and LM35 as temperature sensor - no programming needed. Just search for LM3914 termometer. But if you want arduino - you can use DS18B20 as sensor, write a simple code :

If ( current_temp > 20)
LED_1 = ON;
LED_1 = OFF;

If ( current_temp > 21)
LED_2 = ON;
LED_2 = OFF;
and so on.. This is only pseudocode :slight_smile: