Guidance on Arduino DMX received with WiFi

I’ve been going around in circles a bit with this project so thought it better to step back and ask for advice.
I am trying to build a project with an Arduino device that can receive DMX via a normal DMX cable, then send the value over WiFi to remote nodes.

In this example the receiver would have 2 DMX channels, 1 for brightness and 1 for a macro value.
As an example it would have DMX address 70 and 71. It would receive channel values 100 and 50.
It would then send 100 and 50 out over WiFi to a number of remote nodes which would then activate a LED pixel routine (50) at brightness 100.

This is for wirelessly controlling some pixels in large plastic cubes which can be used as seats.

I have a number of NodeMCUs, UNO R3 and Mega. Esp2866 modules etc. Plus MAX485 modules.

I’ve previously got the WiFi slaves and master communicating ok on the NodeMCU. Plus built a separate DMX receiver on the Uno.
Putting them all together is where I’m struggling.
I have been told that the NodeMCU isn’t fast enough on serial for DMX. But using the UNO or Mega requires serial and WiFi.

Thanks in advance for ideas, thoughts and suggestions. :slight_smile: