Guidance on Building Pulley/Motor System


I hope you're all well! I am interested in building a project, but I don't have a background in mechanics or engineering, so I am not sure how to go about even phrasing my questions! So, I am hoping that someone might offer guidance on proceeding with my project or that someone might translate my project into terms that I could then look up.

Desired outcome: I want to press a button and have a motor pull a cable connected to (I think but not sure how to even determine force needed to pull because there isn't an object to weigh) a 10-25lbs object, moving the cable 10 inches (and no more) in 1 second. When I let go of the button, I want the motor to reverse and restore the cable to the original position.

To accomplish this, I know I need an arduino, a button, a case, a motor, gear(s), and maybe a track and spool (to wind the cable?). But, I have no idea what I'd need for the arduion/button or how to determine the right motor and gear setup in order to pull a cable. I also don't know how to properly determine how much force is required to pull the cable.

So, given all of this, I would really appreciate some guidance on figuring out what I might need to do this project, gathering the appropriate information in order to buy the right materials, using the right language to look up information, and locating a good place to buy the parts.

I thank you in advance for any suggestions! Have a great one!


Please give more details.

What is the motion of the object? Are you lifting it? Sliding it? Rolling it?

1 second is a short time. Where does that number come from?

You do need the mass of the object to decide about accelerating and decelerating it.

You can use a luggage scale attached to the cable, to determine the lifting force required.

You will need to choose a motor that can supply more than enough torque, possible using a gearbox.