Guidance on communication between processing 3 ide and bluetooth module

I am trying to make a arduino based ultrasonic radar system which will display its output via processing 3 ide.....the issue i am facing is to make radar continuous rotating i need to get rid of the usb cable required for sending data to processing 3 ide it possible to send data wireless via hc05 bluetooth module to the processing 3 so that the system will go as stand alone and can rotate freely ..and if so is possible what all changes will be required in the arduino sketch and processing 3 program to make this happen if someone can provide me some study material or links on how to do so ..i am using a project made in and trying to upgrading it into my requirements ..pls help me out

As far as the Arduino and Processing (running on a PC) are concerned the data will be transmitted and received via a serial link so if that is possible so will transmission via Bluetooth but I am not familiar with Processing so can provide no details of that side of things

i know that since communication is a serial one and bluetooth connection should create one over the outgoing serial com of bluetooth i am just not sure how to do it …is it that just change the com and things will be clear or do i have to do a lot more changes in the code itself

the code is to send data from stepper(degrees) and ultrasonic sensor(distance) and make a radar like ppi ..i just want it to be done wireless ...i am seeing an instructable too on it which have all my needs just its not wireless i want to know how to do so , link of instructable

i am doing the same thing just now want to modify a little to make it a wireless and 360 rotating one to make it wireless over bluetooth is the problem me with the coding ..