Guidance on opensource well maintained framework for ESP8266 for IOT applications

Hello all

I am developing IOT based applications mostly using ESP-12E/F mostly for domains like smart agriculture,smart garage etc, I had experimented initially and had been using Google IOT. Wanted suggestion that is not dependent on any cloud like currently and will incur charges as well after certain data limit is crossed, as many IOT applications run without internet. Like researched and found tasmota, mosquitto.Currently installed mosquitto on LAN for purpose and using MQTT, but was thinking on tasmota etc which can directly be flashed on esp8266 without the need of additional resource running mosquitto MQTT broker.Do suggest which are best open source framework for long term usage and that which provide reliable maintained framework I can use with my esp based projects

I tried various solutions, and finally stick to Tasmota on all ESP8266/ESP32 boards for its good support and flexibility. If you intend to develop custom applications and use unsupported devices, Tasmota offers a solid foundation for your own custom solutions. I have published a few examples of the approach I am taking with Tasmota.

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