Guidance on selecting the right dev board

Hi guys,

I am undertaking a project where I will be controlling two or more small motors as well as reading data from various sensors: torque, angle (possibly more) -- specifically, it is an automotive steering control system.

I am sorry I do not have any more information on what motors I will be using or the specific sensors as I am only getting started. I suppose my main trouble is gauging how much memory is enough for what I aim to do. For e.g. I looked at the Arduino Leonardo, and the memory capability and inputs seems tiny compared to say the Arduino Due.

My main concern is being able to talk with Simulink, as I will be doing most of my modelling on that, and then I will need to be able to upload that data to the microprocessor on the devboard -- I will then need to interface this to a physical setup (steering wheel, column, mechanical assembly etc.)

Does anyone have any experience with this kind of setup, or something similar? It does not specifically have to be automotive related as motor control and using torque/angle sensors apply to many situations. I will possibly also be using a software system called PLECS simply because I have free access to it which has integration with Simulink, so if anyone here has experience with that, any information in that area would be great.