Guidance on which board should I buy


I need some guidance what kind off Arduino should I buy for my project.

I want to build a system that reads some analog readings, sort it out and store the data in SD card/external memory.
I was planning to go for Arduino Due and Arduino Ethernet sheild.
Is there any other way I can do this?

Please Help!!

Thanks in advance


Any board will work. I recommend a Arduino Uno board.
I would not buy a Due as my first Arduino board.

Why not Arduino Due? Less working code/libraries/examples. It is NOT 5v tolerant and the outputs can only deliver 3 mA or 15 mA.


An Uno and datalogging shield will be less expensove

unless you really need the ethernet functionality.

Can i use Arduino Ethernet Rev3 WITH PoE ?
it has everything on one board.

If you buy "Arduino Ethernet Rev3 WITH PoE", don't forget to buy a USB-to-serial adapter/cable.
Unlike the UNO it has no build in FTDI chip for uploading code.

I have no experience with this board and PoE but it should work.