Guidance Request... Arduino, WiFi, and Messaging

Hi- I'm very new to Arduino. I'm actually working on a project for my job. A little side project my boss and I think would be very useful.

But, I need to come up to speed very quickly and get this developed.

I'm confused by all the different boards available, hats, etc.

I need an Arduino with WiFi and wired LAN capability, and to be as cheap as possible. Should I be getting an Uno with some sort of hat or is there an Arduino board that has a built in WiFi/LAN module?

When I look at all of the different options I am not sure if I'm missing anything.

In the end we need to monitor something (a few things, acutally) and get emails out from the Arduinos. Would I be better trying to get the Arduino to send the email or having them somehow communicate with a central computer (a Raspberry Pie?) that sends the emails?

Thoughts appreciated.

It is possible. Why do you need both LAN and wifi?

The environment (partly industrial) is such that WiFi is not everywhere, by necessity. Some of these may actually be placed inside a large metal enclosure and from our experience, WiFi just doesn't get through. We can usually get a CAT6 cable in, though. In other areas, we can't run the CAT6, but we have WiFi available.

KA2IRQ: I need an Arduino with WiFi and wired LAN capability, and to be as cheap as possible.

Even if you buy the original Arduino (5-10x the price of a clone) the cost of hardware will still be insignificant when compared to 2-3 months worth of your salary (I may be low-balling the time you need for this here). If not, you're seriously underpaid.

What else do you intend to connect to your device?

WiFi: maybe a NodeMCU is a good solution. For wired, you need some kind of Ethernet adapter. I'm not aware of any Arduino that has both built in.

Using a Pi for your nodes may also be a solution, depending on what it actually has to do other than sending out those e-mails.

I wouldn't try to send out the e-mails from the Arduino; instead have it report to the server, and let that server do the e-mailing if needed.