Guidance required - where to place the various project files in Arduino folders?

Good Day

I got my Arduino board and have it running with basic sketches like Blink. I also got a LCD shield and , while I can get it to work with the built-in LCD examples from Arduino, I get compile errors when using the sample code from the LCD shield supplier. They provide a few files including the .h, .cpp, .c, keywords.txt and a few others.

I'm happy to figure out why it doesn't work, but I first want to ensure that I understand where the various file types must be placed within the Arduino environment. For example, what goes into the libraries folder, the examples folder, the driver folder etc?

I tried to find docs on this within the online Arduino documentation but so far I haven't found it. So I thought I would post this in the hope that someone can direct me where I can find a doc with the folder layout and file type placements for projects. Or simply tell me if it is quite staright forward.

Many thanks

It sounds like they supply a library. In which case, copy them in here:
replacing with whereever you extracted the files to, and ‘nameOfLCDLibrary’ is whatever the main header file is called.

Restart the IDE.

Then in you sketch you add:
#include “nameOfHeader.h”

Many thanks Tom.