Guidance with a timer project (possibly not using Arduino)

I want to build a device that has at least 2 if not 3 different timers to it. I do not need a digital read out. Basically, when you push button A, the timer counts down for 25 seconds. At 10 seconds remaining, it will trigger a vibrating motor for 1 second. At 5 seconds remaining it will trigger the vibrator for 1 second and a yellow LED. At 0 seconds it will trigger the vibrator and a red LED. (The LEDs are optional at this point, but I hope to add them to the project.) When you push button B, the timer counts down for 60 seconds. It triggers the vibrating motor at 15 seconds remaining and 0 seconds remaining.

The key to this is that I need to keep this small; possibly around pager size. There is a product on the market that will do this, however, I'd like to try to build one of my own. I don't figure it can be too complicated, but just need some direction on where to start.

Any suggestions?

With a vibrating motor, LEDs, switches, and batteries, you are going to be limited as to how small you can make the device.

Using a Mini, though, you can get pretty small.

I'm glad you said something. I just remembered that I have a Teensy board I could use. Maybe I can develop the project around that. Plus I also like the built in micro USB plug so I can change the programming if I want to.

I suggest you start with the external hardware and figure out how you're going to power it all. I guess the vibrating motor will come from a phone, so that will probably take you in the direction of using the corresponding LiPo battery, and then you're looking for an Arduino with enough inputs and outputs that can run from that battery.

I will probably be looking at a motor from a pager or something. I don't have any experience with these so I was hoping maybe someone could lead me in the right direction. I was thinking of purchasing some off of Ebay to play with and test.