Guidance with what is the best way to solve transmitting sensor data

First of all I am a beginner with Arduino I apologize for my lack of knowledge and if I miss including something important.

I am working with a project for my graduation. So in the project I need to use a temperature sensor to measure the temp of a cables. There is going to be multiple points of measurements in different cables. I want to transmit the data recorded from multiple points (multiple senders) in around 1km radius preferably from the receiver. all the data should be recovered through the same receiver and uploaded to a computer to monitor the data.

So to my question, due to my lack of knowledge and even trying to search didn't result in much is this idea applicable through Arduino and if so what devices would I need to make it happen?

Are the measuring points in open air with an unobstructed line of sight to the receiver?


It will be obstructed inside walls and the points will be disturbed throughout a building.

Can you lay extra wires for the temp sensors, at the same time the other wires are layed? How large is the building? How many temp sensors and how far apart?

Depending on those questions, it might be done with arduino. If you can lay an extra cat5 cable with the other cables, you can attach many ds18b20 sensors to that cable and read them all from an arduino. There is advice about how to wire them up here.

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