Guide for setting up Arduino <> PC wireless

I can buy from this store:

I know I need to get a:

  • XBee Adapter kit
  • XBee Module
  • FTDI cable

What's the cheapest possible combination I can get from that store that will work? Thanks!

If I understand you correctly for 28pounds you can get a working Arduino to PC xbee solution. using these 2 boards (to Arduino) (PC, this contains a FTDI so you wont need the cable)

We have similar versions of these boards and they work well, although if you want a shield for the xbee Arduino end this one looks interesting and would make your total build a couple pounds cheaper.

But I would still have to buy two XBEE modules? That's another £40, no?

Here is another option that is not Xbee but, works nearly the same. It does not work with Xbee. Look over the specs and make sure this is good enough.

I have one and I like it.