[GUIDE] How to hide your IP from your view.

Hello everyone, this is how to block your IP address visually.
This will remove IP: “Your IP” / IP: Logged for the entirety of the time.


fake ip btw

turns to this:

As from what i have heard, this can be done in two ways, the first is simpler, but requires Firefox, and the second requires an adblocker (highly suggested).

  1. Firefox userchrome.css
    Through Firefox’s UserChrome.css, you can customize the style of your browser.

1st step. Navigate to %appdata%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\

2nd step. You should find a folder with this format : XXXXXXXXX.default

3rd step. Create a new folder called "chrome"case sensitive skip if already exsists

4th step. Create a new file called "userchrome.css"skip if already exsists

5th step. add the following code to the file (Courtesy of Erik_Baas):

/* forum.arduino.cc - hide my IP */
li.poster_ip {display:none!important;}
  1. Using an AdBlock extension.
    You should use an AdBlock extension if you are not for the following:
    -sites bloated with adware gone
    -faster loading sites & no tracking
    -ads gone & you can whitelist any site if you want to help them out.
    -Being able to fully remove any element of any site / modify

We are using an AdBlock for the last reason, which is what we are going to do:

I use UBlock Origin as my main adblock, generally for its customizable interface, and being open source.

It has the “My Filters” feature in the settings.

And I added the following to it,


Hello everyone, this is how to block your IP address visually.

Who do you think can see your IP address ?
Can you see the address of other users ?

I know only i and the mods see it, but i would like to hide it when recording / screenshotting etc
It would be a setting admins have to add, but they look like they don't have time for that.