Guide Me how i can write and read audio simple on arduino EEPROM

Guide me on how i can write and read audio, in arduino EEPROM. Maybe Just a second, for just an example how to start.? :)


Well as an arduino board lacks any real analog output I don't think it would be possible to output a audio signal without external hardware support. Reading and writing any digital data to EEPROM is a pretty simple process but recording and outputting audio directly from a arduino is pretty much a no go.


The EEPROM is also pretty small - not going to hold a lot of audio - just a fraction of a second.
There’s been some nice synthesizer projects mentioned.

Yes, How about it is just a few second?

8 bit audio, sampled at 16K samples/second for 8 KHz max bandwidth, can store 1/16 of a second.
8 bit audio is not very good, 8 KHz upper limit also not very good.

Thanks for all Reponses, and i really understand it. but i want to now how actually code it? Maybe something like: val = analogRead(0); eemprom.write(address, val);?

maybe PWM is equal to

analogRead() needs 100uS to complete a 10-bit conversion. Divide by 4 to get to 8 bits. EEPROM write needs 3.3ms to complete the write.

EEPROM read is quicker. Standard analogwrite() is 490 Hz.

PWM output can me manipulated - this article is often referred to: