Guidlines for DAW-controller


Newbie here.

I’m attempting to build a MIDI controller for my DAW (cubase) since there is no one on the market that will fit my needs. I’ve done some initial research and some testing:

Re-programming my UNO r3-board to be recognized as a usb-midi device (check)
Triggering a midi signal thru a push-button (check)
Reading a -partially broken- rotary controller that I unsolded from an electronic device (check)
So, I’m up and running -Great!

The thing is that to build the midi controller I will need to have about 25 rotary encoders, 10 push buttons and 5 to 10 LED, so I could really need som guidance before I invest money and time into this.

1 Is there a suitable arduino board for this?
-In my inexperiance I’m thinking an Uno board and a hand full of multiplexers (am I totally off here?)
2 What encoders could be suitable?
-I was thinking PEC11R-4220F-S0024 but have really no idea what to take in consideration
3 Is it even possible, or is this just not many inputs to handle sucessfully?

I understand this is not really a typical beginner project, but I think my own comittment will be grater if it result in something I could have great use for every day.


The Arduino MEGA 2560 appears to have 24 Pin Change interrupt pins and 8 External Interrupt pins. That will probably be enough for 25 rotary encoders. With 54 digital pins total there should be enough left over for buttons and LEDs.

If you want to stick with an Arduino UNO you could add a few Port Expanders like the MCP23017 to add I/O pins and interrupts in groups of 16.

Thanks John!

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